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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tada ...

Dear Friend,

Tada ....
Look, there is a magic here. I am beside u now. But, all i see just ur moody and sad face. U always lower your head, nod to ground seems look wherever ur feet walk. U just stare at me without any words, i know how hard to believe and i know how difficult to understand. Touch your finger and smile then hold it "Don't be like that". Hug u sincerely, close my eyes trying hard to feel what u feel.

Tada ...
Look, i bring u to a place where there is only tree, river, mountain. Is it enough to comfort u ? But all i see, just ur sorrow. What else i could do for u ? U lay on my shoulder, talk everything. At once i nod showing that i listen all. Until u sleep there.

Tada ...
The alarm ringing, the sun shines between my curtain. Already morning. Opening my eyes "It just a dream" i am smiling. My eyes bring me to the shooter sun.

Even just one, can it be true someday ? take care there.

Ryza Febriasty

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