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Thursday, August 25, 2011

For A Day

I never wonder this woman can change me forever. Her name is Amelie, she late 35 years old and still look stunning. She married with famous senate, Bill Jobs. 
That time was long night for me with no obvious date and girl this time. I feel enjoy having some girl friends then  trap to one girl. I am surely don't like long and boring relationship. I surely like uncomplicated and undemanding girl. My name is Randall Pinkett, 27 years old, gorgeous, stable and attractive.
Sands Restaurant is high and recommended place in this town. This place quite average with formal restaurant as usual. There was only one thing which fading my sight, Amalie. I remembered, that night she wore dark purple gown with natural make up and slightly amazing. From her appearance she was a mature enough, sounds good because i like mature, stable and independent woman as like her. She sit alone seemed waiting someone in that table. Once she looked her phone and again then again looked around her. I waited who is the lucky one made her wait that long.
Almost an hour, i didn't see any man came forward to her. So, what should i waited for to see her closer ?. "Good night, is the table fill in ?" average greeting "Yes, it was but no longer" she feel bothered and i knew it. "Randall Pinkett, new comer in this city", "So ... ?" she smiled "Amelie" we shake hand and that the start i knew her. 
"Is it boring journey as you think rite ? accompany a husband to city around, country around just for popularity then grading the level in society" she laughed. "Not at all, many woman want to sacrifice as u do right now" I analyzed her more. "For me i just enough with it. I want at home with two or three kids around me. Don't have to wear and pose as a fake" she just outspoken but that was true anyway no one in this world can suffer in fake in long time. "Okay, what will u do tomorrow ?" i asked her. "Uhm, formal breakfast with some my husband's associates after that still no plan". "Come with me, tomorrow will be the last day in this city. My flight will be at 3 PM so i will have much time to looking around. How that sounds ?" asking girl out is just simply thing for me. She stands from sit that time i thinks she feels annoying "Here this my card, just call me then. I have to go, the driver just come". Not smile even say thank you at all. All i did just received her card and let her go. 

The day after i come to Lonelines and enjoy short trip with her. We go to traditional market to art gallery. She is adorable, just know how to make me pleasure in this trip. I come from good family and i delight with it, but not with her. She is an orphan who live in orphanage until high school then get scholarship in architect major. She had been married for 7 years and still no kid. I think her husband has taken everything from her, he asks her to stop working, her society so that her true self. "Can i contact you after this day ? i mean ... you know ... your husband ?" i grinned at her. "Maybe, so ... why not ?" she answered and smiled. My heart races whenever see her smile. It just complete our trip.

A year flies. She becomes a good friend of me, complain whenever i go date with wrong girl and remind me how to stop playing with them. Believe me, i change by time. One day she shares my by mail that her husband cheat with a younger woman. I just can't believe how come ? more later she says that her husband need another woman who can give him a kid. 
I book a ticket to come to her city just to meet her. I feel so annoying with her mail. She looks so desperate and lost. She waits me at the airport. She looks so skinny than the last time i meet her. "Thank you for coming" she smiled but not me. I feel so angry to see her like this. "What just happen at you ? you just like a dumb" i poured my anger when see her like this. "You are not helping at all, really" she put off her glasses and i see dark circle under her eyes. Her eyes just like panda. She walk away to leave me "I am sorry i don't mean it" suddenly she hugs me tight "I am so tired Ran, whole. Body and soul" it is the first time i see her cry like a baby, remind me to my nephew who ages 3. 

to be continued

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