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Friday, October 28, 2011

The Words

I open the letter and start to read it.

"if u only know, rest of night I wonder how does it feel to hold your hands ? how does the warm in your hold ? how does the sweet when you smile and caress my face ? how does the tender your whisper and say that you love me.
I wonder if the air I breath, the sun is shines and the stars light at night which I seen will be the same which you see. So ... how the fate can't find ?.
Don't need to turn back the time, it is no longer necessary. I just need a night to dream on you.
I never try to trust and believe you because I am afraid those all will be fade later on. But I always try to see you in real.
When ages come, when you and I remain alone would you just one ask me to be yours. I won't ruin everything which had been chosen just let it step"

I fold that letter and keep it in wooden box. I look the mirror and see the tears. Not because the gray hair and wrinkle skin I have, but because that time never come. What had left just the trace ... Mine and Yours. I wishper 'good night ... just meet in dream'

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