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Friday, December 23, 2011

Dear there,

Again I miss you. But not once come out even on words by talk or write directly. I just afraid it will hurt more.
Waiting the email reply, the text not counting greeting even just chat.
Again not even once I told you. Everything is different. I can feel sad, anger and dissapointed much in you. But I am trying hard to get over it when I am with you.
I am so sorry still around you but I can't hinder it for many times I try. Everything just back at beginning where I place myself into you.

The big questions are ? Why you have to go for her ? then why you never do that at me ? why you sacrificed much for her ? why all the plan you had settled before just ruin quickly ?. And ... for me ... why i still be here as home for you ?

I realize I am so ... much ... care that's why I can't go anywhere. How you look ? How you real ? at first time u had made that decision is not necessary for me anymore. Whether you are real or dream just same for me.

Starting to sleep who I remain ? When wake up who I remember ? why the person still same for last 3 years ?

I miss your smile when there is no burden bear you. I don't know when will I see that again ?

Just ... Be fine there.

Ryza Febriasty

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