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Thursday, February 9, 2012

When i look into his eyes all i see like watching night and day sky. Clearly and glam full of hope. He smiles at me so tender and sincere. Making my heart rough and cry. "What is going on ?" He asked me, i nod and smiles. No, i am not smiles i am so down as like the sky fall into me. "Why you asked that at me ?". He holds my hands and stares me "You are badly so lost" yes i am ... so lost ... and i need you.

I look up to sky, i don't need a fancy car, a big house, bunch of flower, stack of money, happening fashionably accessories and clothing. I wont be anybody else. I want a beautiful life which is precious and  deserve being my own. "Listen to me, why you are so gloomy?" he asked as like pushing me to be honest. Silence is not always golden, silence not always good and silence is not always right thing. 

"I want by your side, finding what beautiful life is" i said directly for only at once in life.

He nods down and can't further see me, "Nor you and i can grant it rite ?" he wipes my tears and holds me so tight, "Why is so hard to accomplish ?" he asked me "Because i know nor you and i can't make it". "Just let me go and i will let u go, can't bear it longer". I look him for the last so deeply. "There is no heaven between us, there is no right thing inside" 

The bench we used to sit colored in white, and always be still white as long as the hours around us. "Why you don't belief we have can make it everything ?" he asked, "No one can compromise that". We look forward without words, this is the end which should end in advance. The bench may change the colored but the person may change start tomorrow.

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