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Friday, June 8, 2012

"Can i have two ice cream dad ?" Ajmal smiles to his dad "you want two ? is one for me ?" Ajmal shakes his head "no, it is not for u" he grinnes with his least teeth on his mouth "so ... " his father smiles "is for mom ?" again Ajmal shakes his head "it is not for mommy also" he smiles with shy face "so ..." his father smiles again "it is for my new friend. she is sitting there". "Do you said 'she' ?" asked his father with smiling. "Hiiiiii yes. i will let you know, come on dad hurry" Ajmal reaches his father hand forcing him to be faster.

"Sstss dad, be nice with her, will you promise me ?" Ajmal whisperes to his dad "i will don't you worry". They walk closer to her, her hair is black with curly under it. She wears flowery dress with small ribbon on her hair. "Here, i have something for you" Ajmal run into her and she smiles to him "thank you Ajmal, you are nice" Ajmal grinnes and waves to his dad "I want you to know my dad, he bought us this ice cream" he turns his head back and again waves to his dad. "It is so good, really ... thank you Sir" she smiles. "Yes sure, what is you name ?", "Dad, i have told you her name is Khansa don't u remember ?" Ajmal looked his father seriously "I do Ajmal, she is so lovely".

"Mommy ... i am here" Khansa stands and waves to her mother "Mommy ... here". Khansa runs into her mother and holding her "Don't play too far from me" they walk hand by hand closer to Ajmal and his father. " Ajmal gave me an ice cream, his father bought us" Khansa tells everything. "Who is Ajmal ? your new friend ?" asks her mother "Yes mom, he is nice. Come on meet them" Khansa runs into Ajmal and his father.

"What a beautiful boy" She says with holding her breath "Yes, beautiful daughter also" He says so tender and deep. "I am Ryza and this is my daughter Khansa, it really nice to meet you" She smiles in weary " I am Taimoor and this my son, Ajmal. It is so great to meet you too" his hands so warm in my hands, we just eye to eye and silent. "Mommy ... here ... here ..." Ajmal suddenly runs into a woman behind him. A woman with long hair and motherly smiling face. "What Ajmal ?" her voice so soft and looks patient. "Meet my new friend". I see him just nod down and no words, "Hi, i am Ryza, and this is Khansa my daughter", "Oh Hi, i am Alika and surely you know ... he is Ajmal my son" She smiles i just realize how beautiful she is. She has dark brown eyes "And this is my husband, Taimoor".
"Thank you for you invitation Ajmal, happy birthday" Khansa gives him a gift with blue ribbon on it. "Khansa helps me to wrap it, happy birthday Ajmal. Hope you like our choice" I smile to him, "Thank you, sure i will like it". "You know what, it is the first time Ajmal want to celebrate his birthday except with me and my husband, last night he said he wanted Khansa and you to come for dinner with us. I grant his asking so i call you to come here tonight" Alika please us to come. "You have beautiful house" I see surrounding and feel comfort in its. "Mostly my husband arrange all" She laughs. I just smile and see him at glance.
"So, are you live nearby here Ryza ?" Alika asks me, we are all sit on dining table. There is a cake with candles and some food. "Not too far, by the way thank you for the invitation i am so please to be here","Are you house wife as like me or working ?" she asks again, "I am still working, cuz of my job i am here, i had been here for half year", "Oh really ? so, any plan to permanent ?", "No, i will back at the end of this year" i see him at glance and to her then Ajmal in one. "Oh ..., your husband ?" this time i just pause and see Khansa. I smile at her "Just two of us, Khansa and I" I caress her hair softly and smile to Ajmal. "Oh Okay" Alika seems like unease with that topic.
"You see that cake ?" Ajmal asks Khansa, "Yes why ?" answered Khansa, " My dad made it for me, he is so good in it" I see Alike hug him with cherish and happy, i just know they are happy inside. "What your dad gave to you ?" Ajmal walk closer to Khansa, i just don't know why that two kids so close. "I forget" Khansa go down from her chair and crawl on my lap and says "I want to go home mommy, i want my birthday like this" then she is crying so soft and deep. I feel what she feels, sad and anger in same time as like me.  Everyone just silent, i stare to Alika and Taimoor "I think, i have to go early. I am sorry Ajmal".

to be continued

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  1. i dont like this story cuz taimoor still single


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