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Thursday, July 12, 2012

I risk my life to be with him this second, give my all to be next him. He surely know what i do for him tonight, may change everything. He stares my eyes with no words, feeling all his ego, passion and love. I try to answer all through my eyes. If it's wrong so my heart won't let me be right. He wipes my tears, surely he knows what tears are for. I can't resist and won't hear anything to make it right just for now. I will make it and the rest i'll be half alife. I am waiting him to say even some words 'don't' but for last never come out. All the waiting and hiding are enough, for me for him, for us ... both. We know, it will be mistake but enough to away the pain since long. I am here with him for once and being deaf, mute then blind of surrounding. Feeling his skin on my fingers, again he wipes my tears. I am not fear and he knows it. We just know all wrong but this love, this heart, this feeling can't understand anymore. "I am yours" the first saying seems crash all the silent, see him more deeply. "I love you" he said and kissed me. 

"For My Love,
When i am writing this, you smiled while you were sleeping..
I am giving all to you tonight and half alife after all.
Always love and miss you"

I put slowly next to him, kiss him for last, looking him deeply, "i love you" I said softly. walking to the door and again see him for the last and cry.

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