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Friday, December 13, 2013


I am sorry, i never can leave this page.

I am here, you are there. The heart already choose you in every step.

As usual i wake up at dawn, walked through to my daughter room. I kissed the small bear which my dream gave me. I just said "I miss you" seemed like someone whispered that to me. Caressed the bears eyes, think maybe the bear cried as like me that time.

I burnt the letters and cards, too afraid i still have hope, hope that much to meet my dream, to see my dream, which maybe hard very hard so hard to real. Whenever read each his words, his written seemed like someone whispered to me "My Angel". I still keep all the things from my dream. Each tiny things.

The half heart key ring always put under the box, until the end it will tell me how it starts.

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