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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

He Came In My Sleeping

2.16 am, I just wake up and directly posted my wrote here. I wrote here seemed i talked to to him. Whenever i dream about him, i used to tell him directly. By text, phone, mail, or chat. And today everything changes. I wrote as like as i talked to him. 
My dream, you came again. I dreamed about you. You know what you did ? you kissed me. I tied your fingers into mine. I stared your eyes and you just kissed me again. I could feel it, i suddenly wake up. I smiled and cried in same time. My dream, i cant say much rite now. I am writing and the tears just running down. I hope you are fine. I am missing you, body and soul. Sometimes i think why i still be the same person for you ? while yourself maybe not same again. I have so many dreams, hopes, wishes and pray for us. Maybe i am not kind a person who can describe anything with words. So grateful i have ability to write. I still alive, i keep moving to live, and i am through each day to survive. Seemed like i could see your eyes in that dreamed. You know what you said in that dreamed ? "My angel, i am your copy cat"

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