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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

I just want to say congratulation my dream, finally you got  your degree. All the hard days you had passed through already paid and worth for proud. From looking job very first time, the visa problems, the enrolled university, bank account and so on. I am so happy I was there to hear all your hard. For the first time you go, it was hard for me. But I support you in many doa and prays. Not easy to be so much further from you. But I just silent and through it the days. I always said, no ... just complete your study ... many many times. I so much know if just I say, my dream leave it and be with me, you will do that ... everything but never I say that. Because I know, so much know that degree you dream on since beginning We meet. So I just there, keep everything, support you in many hard days. I remembered how hard many nights in late job, the funny was I always waited you back from work. How can I not cry my dream for all of these. And I am crying just now. I was there in your bad times, and little good times too. Any decisions you will take after this, I will support you. I know and believe you will take what is good one for you.

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