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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Our, khansa and I, new favourite movie is Masha and the bear. The movie so funny. We watch it while breakfast and lunch. I love bear so ... much. My dream so much know about that. I am so in love to bear. In past day my dream had asked me, which bear you like ? And I answered, all of them. Then he said, have you know bears like to damage things, and I said I still love them. Next day he sent me many pictures of knutt bear, the polar bear. Today knutt bear already died. And the following years, he sent me many bear things which I save and them nicely. 

My dream, I still love bears. I still kiss and hug the bear which you sent me. Tell them how I love and miss. Sometimes I cry while remind how the bears travel from Leeds to Jakarta. The tears which never ending.

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