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Saturday, February 7, 2015

1.21 am still waiting chiffon cake the oven. I just opened old photos on my old iphone. So many photos of my dream, mostly smiled. The tears dropped slowly. I had so many beautiful moments with him that time. How can i forget all of them. Maybe he does. Maybe he already delete all things which relate to me. I dont know where is he rite now, how is he, what he do, if I try to know everything about him I surely cry. I dont know should I hate him or no after all he do to me. What I know, he is my dream and keep all the feelings inside. He already a person whom I never know, so much different from my dream I used to know. Last week, I went to Singapore with Khansa for 4 days. We went to Santosa Island ; universal studio, sea aquarium, trick and treat, and city sight seeing. At changi airport while waiting boarding pass I cried. Wondered my dream was with me, but he wasn't. I remembered what khansa said to me that time "bunda, khansa loves you" she hugged me and some people looked at us. I still cry each night because of him then when I wake up he still be the first person in mind until today. I break down and so much trying to stand up after my dream leave me.

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