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Thursday, October 20, 2016

silent hill

1.32 am, indonesia - jakarta. This what I always do after cake baking. Spend some times for sitting, writing blog, reading books or just watching late show on cable tv. I dont realize I just cried. Wondering my dream in front of me. I could tell him everything. That time, I used talked him ... a lot ... many things. He always texted me that he already home and was online. I woke up from bed, with pajama, messy hair and online. We talked many things. I never see him ... never ... in mess. He always good looking even at midnight to dawn even morning. His hair, clothes and faces always so ... great. So different with me who always mess, off course ... I just wake up and directly shared cam to him. I spent many nights with him. I spent my life with him. So please tell me ... how can I not miss my dream. I just have him to talk. To him I cant hide even bit. I just have him to share all the sad, worries, happiness even anger and disappointed. He is all I have. Allah sets our born in such far ... but I believe there must be reasons. He is all the words which unspoken. He is everything I need.

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