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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Alive as a Pisces

She likes to live in dream world rather in real world. She is weak and sensitive for loving. She can cry much just because her close friend break up and so happy when see her close friend get new boyfriend even all of those things not effect with her.

You probably surprise when you know she can be so shy when she is in love, now and then that is Pisces woman. She likes small animals and has talent to train animals too. She has sixth sense and can guess what will happen later, it is her nature. Even she has sixth sense, she cant choose and see coming who will be her chosen lover.

She really cant difference who is a man whose has sincere heart and who is a man whose just came and go in her life.

She likes to buy clothes, likes to look sweet. Pisces woman mostly are beautiful and have good skin. Hands and legs are so small and soft and likes to buy shoes and collect them too.

She is a 'hot' woman, everyone wants her. In case she has someone in her life or no, she always tries not to live under any man and never think like that. She belives that man can do better and she will make him in her life feel that way.

She is not complicated person, she is too simple as simple to spend life and live with her. She is a confidence woman and likes to make everyone surrounds her feel happy. She really know how to make man in joyfull and blissfull.

If something happen not in the right way, she will try to convince poeple that happen because others not because what she loves. She never push her man to be an ambitious man but guide him to feel gratefull for everything he has. She is happy just the way he is.

If she gets bad childhood, she will remember always and live in unhappy. She always feels sorry for hersef and tends to hurt herself and doesnt realize can make her live in drugs or less pain pills.

She has many choices and she never cant predict which way she should choose. If you so love her that hold her tight, because she never know what, how and why she does it.

She has complex characters. You will think that she is a shy and innocent person and cant hurt others, you are wrong. You will think she is so weak and really need someone to protect her, once again you are wrong, because she is strong enough to face any problems, matters and fears in her life.

She is a dreamer, likes love words, type of a person who will give any present or gift to anybody in any occasions, especially when mary or anniversary even to a person who she is not yet well known before.

Carefull if you fall in love with her, she can be so difference than before. She can be an angel for you and she can be a magical granny, no one is perfect right? she is so nice, kind and soft heart you should be not too worry.

She needs someone who makes her in shelter, but sometimes she hides that and acts as a stubborn. She always hides her shyness and weaknesess from her enemy.

She likes to follow fix rule. She will be a good housewive if you know how to look after her. Many man want and ask to mary with her because she is totally a women. If she is really nice, kind and soft heart inside, she will be an angel.

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