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Saturday, June 7, 2008

You Never Tried to Understand

Year by year passed to the 5th year. Face many things with smile and patient. Talked which came and gone but the lesson never ended. The usual things became habbits and made own stories. Place and place had kept memories like sheet papers on a book. Things are given always keep in safe. Love and care are shown better than sweet words. Understanding and trust were based like stone in a house.

The one never covered up ... when mouth was said 'it is fine', no one knows about the real feeling beside 'fine'. No one knows when tears but the mouth always said 'it is fine'. No one knows when hurt because of the words just said 'it is fine'. No one knows keep pain inside but once again said 'it is fine'.

Wish oneday 'it is fine' will cover up and realize who always understand in each condition and time and who so selfish afterall. Words can't push to make one even some changes, at least with face, gestures and silent show that must be a mistake.

Is this too patient or too fool ?. There is no rules to forbid too patient in this world and there is no mistake become too patient because the limitation will find oneday. Live is full of option which bring to good and bad side. Stand from each problems made the base more strong and strong. What happen when the day is coming, when patient over limit, and when the mouth can't say 'it is fine' anymore?.

Will the stone still stand or already became sand. If still be a stone means the option which taken was right. If already became sand means the option which taken was wrong, that time is a chance to say 'you never tried to understand me ... make my feeling freezing'.

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