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Monday, July 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Yogi .... Sorry I'm Late

Happy birthday Yogi ..., so sorry i was late to say this. We are in same office and floor also, but really i forgot that July 12th is your birthday. As i remembered the 12th of July was on Sunday but, it should be Saturday ... sorry ....
I wish all your wishes may come true, really hope you will find good one as ur BF, do not reply the mistaken as past please ..., let the past forgotten even hard to forgive but do not let the lesson go.

As 25 this year may all the best you do, especially for your new boss. How could she place that seat. He..he..he.., let she talk and musch fussy. The important is enjoy your each day in office, make your job is fun things to do.
Gi, still be a cherfull girl as i know, keep smiling and joking around each day, you deserve to get the good one after pass the difficult phase in your life. Just be like the way you are.
For my beloved friend ...,

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  1. thank u ya za... for be my best friend n for everything n of course for the cake... ;)


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