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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Miles Away

First Meet
They hug in tight like wont be apart again ‘Please let me … let me go’ the girl holds her breath deeply. She start to cry but hides her tears from the boy ‘You must forget, aren’t you? I have told you when we meet one day, I would hug you tight and maybe I can’t let that hug because I won’t feel far from you again’.
‘But you should let me go. I really have to go. I can miss my flight’ the girl takes her head up and sees the boy who hugs her in warmth. ‘I am sorry, I have to go now. It is our first meet but I pray we can meet again’. The boy wipes off the girl tears then smiles ‘good bye and I will pray the same too. I want to see your smile, we will meet again”. The girl replies his smile with softly and tender she kisses the boy forehead then whispers ‘good bye, see you … you know for sure what I feel, I am going to miss you”.
Second Meet
‘You have a beautiful country, thank you for being with me while I am here’ the boy smiles and the girl nods her head once. They hold hands each other through the path over the stars. This is the last night they meet in real physically. ‘Hmmh … for tomorrow, I can’t accompany you to airport’. The boy let his hand go and sees the girl with wonder what happen with her, why she said like that?. ‘Oh … ya, I understand you have to work. Is okay …’ he smiles then walks again. ‘No, it is not the reason’ the girl still standing in freezing ‘it is because …’ she stop talking and nods her head down.
‘It is because you are a kid, can’t stand see me go right? And you will cry like a kid’ the boy tease her with smile. The girl still freezing she feels her legs are too hard to walk and too heavy to step closer to him. In front of her eyes, there is a young boy who had placed her heart so far. She try to walk back of him and suddenly hugs his shoulder from back slowly ‘If I am there when you go tomorrow, I will hard to let you go and fade away from my eyes’.
The boy feels his heart beats faster ‘You afraid can’t let me, because you can’t be apart miles away from me, is like that?’.
He can feel the girl nods down over his back. ‘If it is like that, please think to marry with me then’
Third Meet
I count day by day to meet this chance … to meet you again’ the boy stares the girl looks like, he can see her face in red blush because he stares her a lot. ‘I dream to go this country and it become real when we make meet here. Thank you …’ the girl smiles. ‘I know everything about you, off course I know you really fond to this country because their drama right’ the boy starts to tease her.
Few minutes they still in silent, until the girls start to talk ‘I just think you forget me or maybe you come with someone that you will marry with’
‘Why you think I had forgotten you and how come you think I will ask someone else to marry with? Do you want me to do that’ the boy can’t understand why she can say like that.
Maybe you should do that’ the girl replies in softly voice, afraid he can hear that.
‘I can marry if I want, I ask you again … you want me to do that ?’
‘You can’t wait me all the long, it really waste your time, Look at you, you are still young and you really have to see any chances for you. Maybe you should let me go’ the girl stares him.
‘Speak is easily for you but act is hardly thing for me. Don’t you know I just want you …. I just want you’.
Next morning …
Their hotel rooms are side by side, the girl enters the boy room after he let she come. She already dressed up with flowery long sleeve blouse, ‘Give me more minutes to sleep, will you. It still too morning for me’ the girl smiles while seeing him sneaks slowly to his bed.
The girl opens the curtain in half, few minutes she realizes the sun start to shine brightly. She walks closely to bed with slowly, what she sees is the pure face as like his tender heart. He is too young but all his thought is mature enough. She smiles and touches his hair slowly, stares the awesome face front of her eyes. ‘is too good you are sleeping this time. So I can say anything I want without any worry you will hear’ she talks too softly.
‘I feel grateful because I had known you and had this feeling so far even God not makes you as mine. Wherever you are later, you know for sure I am still here and I hope you will remind same’ she touches his eyes and smiles ‘What will God decides later, I hope is good for us even God fit we can’t be together, but you are still in my heart. Hard to say I love you and good bye, because we never know what the future later’
She kisses his eyes softly and wipes of her tears over her eyes, she realizes she already cried. ‘What will be just let it be, remind me whenever you want. I had fallen in love to you’.
The day after miles apart them again …
The girl cell is ringing, the sms tone.
‘I already arrived. I miss you a lot, miss you smile, your hug, your hold, your touch, your kiss … on my eyes. I don’t know the future too. What I know I want be with you always. I won’t leave you. It can take time to meet again but I am sure the day will come. You know that I had fallen in love to you too’
The girl drawn in crying, all she said in that morning already recorded in his mind, he heard all what she said. ‘I miss you … too much …’ the tears are down but her face smiles.
Ryza Febriasty

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