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Friday, October 24, 2008

True Story from China

This story had touched over the world.

It is about a man who love a woman whose her ages older than him. They run away to live together for loving and caring in peace for 50 years. The man ages is 70 and the woman's is 80. This man had made hand carved 6.000 step with his own hands just for her wife. The man already died in a cage where they home to live in since 50 years ago.

50 years ago, Liu Guojiang a 19 years old guy had fallen in love with a 29 years old widow Xu Chaoqin.

Alike Romeo and Juliet which made by Shakespeare, their friends and family did not support their love relationship just because they had long range in ages and the woman was a widow with many kids.

That time, their relation was hard to accept because people saw as unmoral love relationship (just because a man love a woman who older). For lessen gossip and flaw from their surrounding, that couple decided to runaway and lived in a cage in Jiangjin village was place south of Chong Qing.

At first, they live so sadden because they had nothing, no electricity even food. They used to eat grass and root that grow around the mountain. Liu should make a lantern to light they cage. Everytime Xu felt guilty because she tied Liu lived like this. Many times she asked "Are you feel sorry ?", and many times Liu answered "No, i am not. As long we are patient we will get better life".

After 2 years they had lived in a cage around the mountain, Liu started to make hand carved step to make her wife more easy to go down, continuously until 50 years. In 2001, the adventures who explored the mountain surprised finding an old couple can suffer to live like that and what make them more surprise are the 6,000 hand carved steps which made by Liu.

One of their seven sons, Liu Ming Sheng said "My parents are caring and loving each other, they lived alone for 50 years and never separated even one day. They are always together. For 50 years, my dad made those steps for my mom to make my mom happy even she seldom to go down from the mountain"

This couple had lived in peace for 50 years, One day, Liu who already 72 got fainted when he came back from field. Xu sit and prayed with her husband until Liu died in her warmth hug. Liu love her wife much, his hand still holding Xu's hand tightly until hard to let go.

"You had promise for caring me, loving me and still with me until i die. But now, look ... you died before me. How i live without you ?" For few days Xu just say that sentences again and again while her hands touch her husband coffin with tears over her face.

The China government decided to conserve "hand carved love steps" and made their cage became a museum. In that way their love still life continuously.

In 2006, this story had been one of ten famous love stories in China. The stories are collected by Chinese Women Weekly magazine.

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