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Monday, October 27, 2008

You Still Have Me

She loves her BF much she knows for sure that her BF just make a fool her heart. She always knows when she lies, she just know when he goes out with a girl for a dinner, she can feel how he says many sweet words but never sincere at all.

“I can’t pick you today, I have something to do” he said, “Oh, is fine. I can go home myself. Don’t you worry” she replied. “Yes, sure. I will call you when I arrive at home”.
When the cooking course class ended, she walked alone through street alone. Suddenly one boy came next her “Hi …, seems you are like to be lonely, why you walk alone ? is you BF doesn’t pick you up ?”. The girl moved her head once then smiled to the boy “So, what are you doing here ? are you follow me ?”. “Off course not, we are in same class course, I always sit behind you”. “Yes, I know that we are in same class. That’s why I smile at you. If I don’t know you, I will not do that. I will not do that to strangers”. They laughed together “So, will you accompany me until the first bus stop there?”, the boy nod to show he agreed.
They become good friends since that day. The boy always goes with her when her BF doesn’t pick her up.

One day, she received SMS from her BF “I am sorry, I can’t pick you up today. I just remember I will home late from office. Will you mind if you home yourself ? please call me when you arrive at home. Love you”. The girl replied “Is okay. I will call you later. Love you”.

“Thank you to come with me always, anyway which bus stop are you ?”, “Oh …, one bus stop after you. Hmmh … I had seen your BF, he is a lucky one”. “Lucky? Why you say so?” the girl crinkled his nose and laughed “You have something that I can’t tell by words” the boy smiled. “Oh really, what is that ?”. “Because he has someone that loves him much, that is you”. The girls nod down seems like she want to laugh, smile and cry in same time. In her heart whispered “Off course I love him, but I am too fool to still love him because I know he never loved me sincere”.“Are you mind if we go to food store first, I will buy something to make a cake. I want to make a cake for my BF. Usually on weekend he doesn’t any food for breakfast”, “Oh, sure …”. They entered to a mall. “Are you always like this ? I mean, are u always make him a cake every weekend for him ?” the boy stared the girl’s eyes. She nod. “Oh my god, what the hell is she ?, I just wish that girl be mine” the boy’s whispered. But he pretended not too surprised.

Half an hour they were out from the food store. That time she saw someone who she knew was him. She saw her BF holding hands with one girl. From the back she wondered that girl must be a pretty. She has long leg, long straight hair with burgundy color, white and good shape. They must go to the theatre which place on 3rd floor.She felt her legs were too heavy to walk, “Oh, he lies to me again and again. More she lies to me, easier to me to know that he lies. He doesn’t pick me up not because he comes home late from the office but because he has another date” her heart whispered. “Something happen ?”, the girl moved her head but her eyes seem to cry. She still stared his BF from this way, the boy looked the same way where the girl stared at. “Oh god, what is he doing ?” he shocked just because what he had seen. He grabs the girls hand to follow her BF “No … please no … I don’t want do that. Let we go from here. Please … “ at that time it was the first time he saw her like this. “But … , “ the boys didn’t understand what she just said “Please, I want to go home”

The cooking course ended earlier today, “He is my friend in cooking course, we are in same class” They shake hand each other. “Good to know you”, “Good to know you too”. They ate dinner together in one of restaurant. “How your day today ?”, “Nice, how about you ?”, “Not too good, hmmh … thank you for the food that you gave last week, it must be your new recipe right ?” she nods. Her BF kissed her forehead “You know what, she is really good” the boy smiled to her friends “Yes, I know she is a good one. I am sure good girl like her must have good person like you. You are very lucky have her “. “Hey, what are you both talking about, you are good person also, nice person alike you, I am very happy to have friend like you”.

“She is too god, even to fool to love the kind person like you. She knows that you always lie to her. But look, she just love you and close her eyes, ears and mouth to know all your lies “.

Suddenly, his cell phone rang, he picked the phone but seems hid something. In her heart she knew it must be from a girl, maybe a same girl that she had seen that time. “I am sorry, I have to go. I will wait you until you finish your pie”. “But I still want here, is okay if you should go. I can go home with him”. “Are you sure ?” the girl nods. “Okay, I am sorry this happen, but I have to meet my friends. I forgot this night we will play basket ball usual hall”. “Is okay” she said. “I am very thank if you want accompany her”. “Yes, off course I will. You don’t have to worry. As long she is with me, she will safe”.

They went out from the restaurant after an hour. “What are you bring ?” the boy asked “Fried noodle for him, he must be hungry after play basket ball”. He surprised “You must be kidding me, are you sure he will come to the hall just for playing basket ball ? are you sure ? how if he is lying again ? “. “I don’t know. But my feeling said, he just there”.

Yes, her feeling was right. She saw him on the hall playing basket ball with his friends who she knew their names all. But, wait … she saw a girl, The same girl that she had seen at mall that time. She realized, “Oh … it is her, the one who enters his heart. Cause of her, he like to lie with me. Cause of her, he like to playing fool to me” She sit in the hall with the food on her hands. She felt her hands frozen. Her heart beat faster when she saw he kissed that girl “Even he kisses that girl alike she kisses me. I am too fool since long. I am too fool because I still love him”.

She still sit there until the game ended. When the game ended, she walked slowly to him. Front of her what she saw they were talking with laugh and smiles. She saw how spoilt that girl with him, it made her heart pain.She stood behind them “I bring you food, maybe you are hungry”. The boy turned around and surprised. He can’t talk even say yes, no or hi. “I put the food here” she put the food on the floor.

After that she just walk away from him, that girl and all his friend who looked what happened. She was alike a fool person. The boy followed her “Let me say something first. I want to explain something”. The girl stopped then turned her face toward him “I do not want a talk. The more you talk the more I feel pain, I have seen all. I really do not want to talk about this”, “I am sorry, I just don’t know how all of this can happen to me. I love you but she just enter my heart and I love her too”. “How all of this can happen ? What happen is, I am too fool to still love you even I know you playing me like a fool. Please, I do not want to talk anymore. I think it is enough”“Wait … “ he hold her tight. Inside his heart he felt so fool and guilty for what he did since long. “I am sorry, I am sorry”. The girl stood in freezing “Does she kisses you alike I kisses you, does the feeling is same alike I call your name ?”. She cries “I am sorry” the boys replied. “I can’t talk more because the feeling is so pain and bad” She let off his hands around his body then she walked away.

She just walk along the street, she just want to come this her apartment as fast as she can. All she wanted was get sleep and hoped next morning it just a dream. But, when the morning came, she realized that it wasn’t a dream.

Day after day has passed, month by month has passed.

One morning someone knocked her door. She opened the door. One smile to her. “Good morning … I should call you first, but I just want to make a surprise for you. Happy birthday … “ from his back, she saw a bunch of white roses. She smiled but her heart cried. “Happy birthday … “ he wipe up her tears then showed her the roses. “Thank you … you just come to give me this”. “Because you are special, that’s way I come here”. She hug that boy “You always said that’s because I am special. Thank you, to be with me through all”.“You want to know the reason” the boy asked. “Sure … “ she nod in his hug.

“You know what, when I accompanied you to bus stop after course ended I have to walk again to the course building because I parked my car there. I just want spend more time with you that time. When I saw you sad because him lying and playing fool to you, those times I want to hug you like this. When I called and sms you pretended to ask the course schedule, the truth was I want to hear your voice and want to know how your day because I am missing you. I sit behind you in course class because I just want to see you from back. I try to talk, I always hold myself to be more patient because I want the right time to talk. The most … when that night you called me after you saw him with that girl … you cried loud … that night I just want to hug you and said ; is fine, you still have me”.

“Oh god, u did all for me, I should realize from beginning. And look now … you are making me cry” The girl laughed. The boy hug her more tightly “I love you” He whispered on her ears. “Please be mine, for the last. Would you ?”.The girl let off his hug then stared to his eyes. “I just know, the feeling of caring you since long called love”. She took the roses from his hands with smile “I love you … let me your mine”.
Ryza Febriasty

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