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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Bright Day After Raining

I took this picture last Wednesday on November 5, that time was bright after heavy raining. My mom must be killed me if she knew i went outside from my room . I had chicken pox, ouw ... i didn't allow to go out from room about 9 DAYS, can imagine that ... 9 DAYS ... all i did just ate, slept, read, browsed, blogged and chatted .
I sneaked slowly from my room before my mom got home . I went to my garden home on terrace and front of my fence. Here these some pictures which i captured from my cell phone. I really enjoyed how bright shine of sun touched my skin then felt how cold the wind was. In this way i felt so ... ready to back to the office again .

How small flowers were these

No wonder many mosquitoes came into my house at night

One red flower among dead leaves

Heart banana trees

Ouw look ... me under the sun, there were still mark of poxes over my face

My mom said it was shoes flower

Bud of shoes flower

How fresh the colour was

It will grow for a week later

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