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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Loving You Completely

The heavy rain run over the city all night, many people prefer to stay at home today. The warmth in house and gather with family are most choice for almost half resident in this city. But it just an option for Anya, a 25 years old woman, she is young, energetic and brilliant. “Mom, what we will eat for dinner ?” a little with girl with two tails side of her head move to left and right when she runs “Beef tomato, cheese and pasta” Kara answered what her daughter asked and smiled to her. “Great, I like pasta. And … mom … is dad will come to eat with us ?” Kara smiled seems like she want to show her teeth to Anya. Once again Anya smiles to Kara. “Is better we don’t wait until daddy comes home. I am afraid he will come late again”, Anya holds Kara’s hands to guide her into dining table. It doesn’t alike dining table but only small table for three person where used to eat and iron. They live in small rent house for almost five years, there are only two rooms, one bathroom, one living room, and one kitchen. “Is raining outside, where is Dad ?” her little eyes saw through the window “He will be fine. Don’t worry, he will come bit late because the crowded honey”.

Someone knocks the door “It must be daddy … “Kara yelled. She runs into the door “Daddy …”. Anya realizes her husband already came. Kara kisses her husband and smiles “Have you taken you dinner young lady ?” Kara Nod “What we have for dinner ?” once again Kara take her action “Mom makes pasta for us”, “Oh it is your favorite one, you have finished your dinner” Kara runs into the table to continue her dinner. “How are you ?” Brad asked her wife in smiling face “I am good, and how are you, how class today ?” Anya answered with staring eyes into her husband “Everything is fine” Brad is a elementary teacher, in evening he teaches in one course place as his side job. “Today Kara talked about bicycle again. I feel sorry we can’t buy her first bicycle in her 5th birthday”, “Don’t worry, where is your smile. I am sure we can buy bicycle for her. There is much time to collect some money. Don’t worry okay”.

Today is Kara Birthday. She feels so happy because her parents buy her a bicycle that she adores since long. She doesn’t need to wait her turn to ride bicycle that she usually borrows from her friend. She feel so happy, because she can ride bicycle every morning together with her friends.
Anya sees through the window, the full moon bright the night with its shine “Still don’t sleep ?”, Anya moved her head once “I think about us, me, you and Kara”. “What make you think in this late ?” Brad asked her wife “I feel sorry to Kara, you know what … every time I see her, I just see her eyes. Why she has to live in this condition, why she has to feel all of this” her tears fall dawn. “Don’t feel like that, even we live in small rent house but don’t you see we live in happy ?”. “But, we don’t have enough money for her” Brad hugs her wife, he understands what her wife worry. “I just think, when we were married in young age, five years ago, we really don’t think we will live in condition like this. Specially you, I know it must hard for you to live like this. You used live in enough condition but not like this”. “Anya listen to me, I never feel sorry that I have to live like this, because I through all of this with you. I never sorry to marry in young age, specially to marry with you”. Anya looks to eyes Brad “As if you not marry with me, but with her … the one that you parents suggest , you wont be like this”, “I will marry with someone that I love, and that is you. No matter how hard we are right now, all I know what decision it just because of you. Please don’t feel sorry like this, even to Kara and with me. You are good mother for her, good wife from me, it is enough for me”.

One day, Anya receives a call from one publisher. He said to Anya that her story will consider publishing. Anya surprises, she makes story about kid story for elementary ages. Her inspiration is Kara, her daughter. One month after her book publishing, the people give positive reaction. That’s why the publisher makes a contract with her to make one story again. The story about a family of rabbit, there is Father Rabbit, Mother Rabbit and Little Rabbit. How they cope their daily in needy condition. How Mother Rabbit make a cake birthday for Little Rabbit when her daughter wants an expensive cake alike her friends who celebrate their Birthday with ice cream cake, clowns and expensive gifts. The story tell about even they don’t have enough money but they can live happily.

After the second book, the people give more positive reaction. The book already sold out only for a week. The reader can get and capture the morale from this story. “I love this book much, specially when the Little Rabbit collect her money to buy a bicycle” said one reader to Anya “Yes, that is sweet right ?”, “I cried when I read the part when Mother Rabbit has to make cup cakes to sell in next morning. Mother Rabbit does that because she wants have extra money to make Little Rabbit’s dream come true. The dream is a bicycle” other reader told to Anya. “Yes, what Mother Rabbit does, is only for her daughter” Anya smiled to the reader who most of them on elementary ages. “I cried when I read the part when Father Rabbit has to take side job just for earn more money to make Little Rabbit and Mother Rabbit live in enough” one reader smiled and hug Anya. “Yes, that is touching right. I hope Family Rabbit teach you how to move, face, cope and patient in every condition. No matter how hard we are, but only thing you should remember … do not ever give up”.

Brad, Anya and Kara move to a better house. They don’t have to live in rented house again, because Brad and Anya just buy small house. One month after that, Brad has offered to work in a bank. And from that, all start to change.

“What is that ?” Anya surprised “It is for you” Brad smiled. “Come on dad, I want to see how mom wears that” Kara smiled. She already became a young lady, her ages 10 this year. “Oh my god, it is too beautiful” Brad wore her a diamond necklace “Happy birthday Anya, still become my sun for me and Kara”. “It is great Mom, you look so beautiful, shine a like sun … because you are sun for us. Happy birthday …”. Kara hugs her mother then Brad kisses her wife “Thank you, for all of this. Oh … I feel older, I am 30 this year” Anya laughed, “But you are still beautiful” Brad hug her tightly.

They had been married for 25 years, in they live they keep their marriage with caring, loving, dignity, respect and patient. Those all make them still move on until these ages. Their wish to see Kara live better already came true. “I just can’t let her go from me” Anya hold Brad’s hands. “For me, she is still my young lady. I should wake up before her to make her breakfast. Prepare her snack for she brings along her school ages. Wait patiently if she will home late after work. Brad … hard for me to let her go” Anya cried. “I understand, because I feel the same way you are feeling right now. She is still my little princess for me. When she waited for me dinner, showed me her teeth whenever I came home every night, how she run with her two tailed hair. We just don’t realize how time pass so fast” Brad tried to Anya’s heart stronger. “Today, is her wedding. She as beautiful as the way you were in that clothes 25 years ago” Brad smiled to Anya “Thank you to still with me until this day” Anya replied to smile “No, I wont with you until this day. But, I want to live you forever” Brad smiled and kissed her wife.

The full moon bright this night. Its shine looks more bright than usual. Brad knows how Anya really like the full moon. “You don’t sleep because you wont miss this night right ?” Brad asked her wife who sleep beside her. “Yes, because tonight is full moon” Anya answered “Do you remember there is one night I cried that night in full moon, because I worried about Kara’s life and specially felt sorry to you” Anya caressed Brad’s face. “ I remembered. I said that night you don’t have to worry. What I said that time because I know time will change everything. And I am right, time has changed everything. Right now there is any worry that you should keep Anya, all you have to do … just enjoy your time, our old time together” brad kissed Anya’s eyes.

“I feel so happy I still have much time to see our grandchild, is it a bless right ?” Anya asked “Is not only bless for us, but also gift from God” Brad answered. “Yes, you are right. Would you stay with me until the moon end” Anya asked “Yes, I will stay with you along this night until the night end. Tomorrow, day by day, I will stay with you” Brad answered and he saw Anya smiled “Why you are crying, am I say something wrong ?” Brad wipe off her tears “I love you” Anya smiled “I love you too” Brad smiled “And you don’t have to cry to say that”. “I am crying because I am happy God allow us still together”.

“Brad, why you always said that I am you sun, while I really live moon much ?” Anya asked “Oh it is a secret” Brad teased Anya “Oh … come on, just say to me for once”, “Hmmh okay … “ Brad stared to Anya’s eyes “Just for once and keep that in your mind” he saw Anya nod. “Listen, the reason why i called you my sun, because … you have bright love which always shines for me everyday. You are alike energy for me to move on. The moon can’t bright alike tonight if the sun never exist. The moon has its bright from the sun. That’s why you are the sun for me”.

Anya keeps silent for few minutes “That is beautiful reason that I ever heard. Brad …”, Anya said “ What ?”, “Would you hug me until I sleep tonight?” Anya asked “Oh sure … “ Brad moved close to Anya and hug her. “I love you…love you completely” Anya whispered in Brad ears.

In morning

“Anya, wake up. We will go to Kara’s house, today is our grandchild birthday”. Brad let off his hug from Anya. “Anya … “ Brad kissed her forehead. “Wake up my sun, Anya … “. Anya’s eyes still close. Her face looks so calm but her lips smile. She sleeps in peace, and always sleeps in peace.

“Oh Anya … “ Brad hug her wife more tightly.

“I have told you that I will stay with you along this night until the night end … Tomorrow, day by day, I will stay with you … but why you let me to live alone ?” Brad cried he just realize Anya already left him. Anya has passed away that night, after the full moon end along with Brad’s hug.

“I had told you the reason why I called you the sun. Even you are gone, you are still my sun. ”

“I love you … love you completely” Brad whispered to Anya's ears. He just sure Anya can hear that. “Good bye my sun”
Ryza Febriasty

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