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Friday, November 14, 2008

Loving in Nice Thought

When we meet one right person to be love,
When we are at the right time,
It is called a chance
When we meet an interesting person,
It is not a choice but a chance
Meet someone in live episode not a choice
It is called a chance also
If we decide for loving someone,
With all the weaknesses,
It is not a chance, but a choice …
When we decide to live with someone no matter what will be
It is a choice
Even we realize there are others who better than your partner
And we still love him / her
It is called choice
Loving, sympathy and interesting,
Come in every chance …
But true love is a choice,
For what we do
Talking about soul mate,
There is one quote from a movie ;
'Faith will take us still together, But depend how we can make it'
Soul mate is exist and real …
Might be one person is created for one person only
Make a choice for what you really want,
Do something to get you want,
Or …
Not do anything,
These all depend on us
Keep loving and make him / her as one
Is a choice to do
We live in this earth
Not for looking a perfect person to be love,
BUT to learn how for loving imperfect person in the perfect way

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