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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

“I just think to find new job, better career and better salary”
I just say “It is nice. For me I feel grateful for what I had. My job, my workplace … even not sure, at least every morning when I wake up I know what I should do that is work. Because I know there are many people in this city still searching job”

“I hate to face my boss everyday, much talking and weird”
I just say “That boss is for, at least … later when you will be a boss someday, I hope you will not like him/her. Because you had known how the feeling on subordinate staff position”

“ Seems my salary not enough for me”
I just say “How big and high the salary is, I am sure it will not enough ever as if we don’t control ourselves”

“Nice dream right, as if leave in condo, latest car and rich husband ?”
I just say “Is better to live in village quite far from crowded, just fine car, and good husband”

“I want to buy that latest mobile phone”
I just say “Are you sure you want to spend more than 6 million to buy that thing ?”

“I think she/he will promote to sub company”
I just say “If this happen to her/him its means she/he must be lucky. Maybe next turn is me hehehe”

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  1. Yes, at the end of the day we will realize that :

    its not about me and other people
    its not about me and outside situation
    its not about me and environtment

    but its all about me and myself

    Tetep smangat :)


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