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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Please Keep For Me

Her heart is pounding at once she sees surrounding to less her nerve. It should be a beautiful night for them, but their meeting seems too late to make. She feels her hands as cold as ice which is ready to melt. She comes here just for one intention, to meet someone and tell something what she has to tell even hard to say directly. She wears white backless gown, fine silver necklace tie around on her thin neck, nice thin bracelet around his wrist and beautiful white gold ring on her left sweet finger. She sees that ring at once and makes her heart more pounding.

Someone walks closely to her, she knows for sure who he is. He wears white long-hand shirt with deep blue denim. That smiles makes her heart pounding faster than before, “Oh God … “ she smiles but her heart seems cries. In few minutes, they just stare each other and don’t say anything. “Thank you for coming” he wipes the girl tears and smiles. “Ya” she answered shortly. In half an hour they still silent until the girl starts to talk first “Thank you … for being with me until today. I think … this meeting only in my dream but … once again God make us meet”. She sees his nods “Even right now, I am thinking … I am still dreaming, meet you, see you, your smile … eyes … thank you”.

“I will not long be here, next evening I will go home” the girl said “Ya, I know. You had told me. No matter how short the time is but as I know, meet you here as close as this night, is enough for me”. The girl smiles to hear what he said, yes he is right, no matter how short the time is all they know it is enough for them.

“I want you to know that you are special person for me, as long as you still here with me mean that long I will be there for you” his eyes seems talking more and she knows what his eyes mean “Even I had been engagement ?” her eyes seems stand to cry.

He takes her sweet finger to see her engagement ring “I have told you, no matter what will happen between us, for me … no one can replace you” he said in smile. “No, it should not be like that. You can’t” she shakes her head showing disagreement. “When I come into your heart, there is him before me, I have realized that. You choose him as one for you, don’t think you hurt me”.

“Seems like I have two life, one life is with him and one other is with you. Whatever is, I can’t leave him”. The boy smiles “He is a lucky because he has you who loves him much. I am sure he is a good person that’s why I don’t have to feel hurt because … you will be belong for someone that I trust. Believe me, don’t worry about me”.

They walked side by side with holding hands, it has been late but for them it doesn’t matter “I want to say something”, “What ?” asked the boy. The girl stares his eyes and holds his fingers tightly “I will be married in next two weeks”. Her answered seems crush his heart, he just know how the pain is felt “Next two weeks ?” hard to believe but when he sees her eyes he had known she is not kidding or teasing him. “I … I … hmmh … I just can say … I am glad to hear that. At last … everything has answered … everything … “ he nods down for few minutes while his hands still in her holding, slowly she hugs him “There is something that I want to tell since long”, “what ?” asked the boy. “And I am not afraid to say this”, “What ?” asked the boy “I love you … , but I can’t make you as mine” whispered the girl.

Two Weeks later

The incoming call ringing “Hi … “, the sound greeting. “Oh, hi …, why you called me this late. I just think it is your first night with him” he knows who is calling. “Ya, you are right. I just want to say one thing”. “What ?” asked the boy “thank you for coming to my wedding party. Among many guest I just want to see you come, because on your little finger there is still red cotton which tie to my little finger. Are you want to cut it or you want to keep this ?”.
He is silent in long, he is crying but he won't she hear it.“I had told you, no one can replace you. Your decision never hurt me even until I am talking to you right now, but … if we cut this red cotton mean I will lose you forever. Please keep this for me"
Ryza Febriasty

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