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Monday, April 27, 2009

April Snow

It is an old movie which issued in 2005 starred with Bae Yon Jon and Son Ye Jin. At 1st time i watched this movie, i could feel the emotion, weariness, and loneliness. They trapped into forbidden love and continued to deepest love.

Is it an affair when we meet someone who has same attitude, sorrow, neglected and loneliness on the other side we have someone beloved ? well ... the movie tells all. Everytime i watch this movie, seems i drawn into the plot. I can say, this movie is talkless but how Bae Yon Jon and Son Ye Jin play their role, intimate, and emotion can replace it. I really really really ... love this movie.

Through this movie, love came to a man and a woman in a special situation of accident and extramarital affairs, conflict of extreme feelings by the dangerous and forbidden love then understanding after its reconciliation.

This is suggested link to watch : http://www.mysoju.com/april-snow/

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