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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Learn From Fairy Tale Disney Princess

For me, Fairy tale is never ended because it is a secret side in life which can't touch logically but always brings thought and inspiration to learn. I am part from some people of million people who has high imagination in real life.
Make a wish ...
And if you are true, your wish will soon come back to you
So ...
Make a wish
And may your heart will find one true love
Who will never depart
Once there was fair princess
She had pretty smile and loved to frolic among flowers
And dance with her fluffy animal friends
She loved to sing with them
While she twirled round and round in her dancing gown
Watch me dance, watch me twirl
There is a princess in every girl
Make it sparkle, make it shine
Make the magic all mine
One day, i will ride a big a white horse
Wear gown and crown, of course
I close my eyes, I see shine light
I open my eyes, I see fascinating creature
I smile gently, I see a beauty
I turn around, I see magnificent gestures
There is a mirror in front of me
That shine light, fascinating creature, beauty and magnificent gestures
Are resemble me
Because, I am the princess on my own
created by Ryza
Aurora, The Sleeping Beauty.
She is very romantic, gentle, thoughtful, loving and graceful. Besides that she loves to sing to her friends, the animals.
Ariel, The Princess Of The Ocean (Little Mermaid)
Headstrong Ariel means to follow the rules, but rarely succeeds. She is hard to understand and is forever trying to make her friends. She is bit naive beside that she is confident and curious.
Snow White, a princess with noble birth.
She is sweet, graceful and naive. With her pure and lovable heart he can beat bad person and become a winner.
Cinderella, The Glass Shoes Princess.
She is based around with everybody. Cinderella has positive thinking and hard worker. Altough gentle and soft-spoken but she has a keen an intelligent sense of humour. Her heart is true dignity, dispite on her hard moment she still able to sing and hold on believe that her dreams will come true.
Belle, The Beauty from Beauty and The Beast.
Belle is an adventurous dreamer. She looks lovely, natural, intelligent because she likes to read.
Belle is a loyal person and loving daughter. With her inner strength and outward beauty she is a young woman who can and does everything happen.
Original own mini collection creature,
lovely gift from my close friend yogi
Source from www.disney.co.uk

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