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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Heart Which Left In You - Part 2

"Would you come Anne ?" he asked me on the messenger "Hopefully" i wrote it "I want to meet you" it seemed fade me away "And will be lovely to know your fiancee" I waited another messenger, one minute, two minutes, five ... to few minutes later "We are not engaged yet Anne". I shocked "What did you mean ?" okay, i was not curious about it but my thought raced nowhere "I will marry in next two weeks" it must be a good news for me but not at all "Marry ? next two weeks ? crazy you are, surprise" i wrote in speed "Maybe, but please come early before the wedding, i really want to meet you Anne. Can you ?". I couldn't reply his messenger, i took and healed deep breathe, needed a space and air to calm" Hello ... Anne, do you faint or die there :) ?" my phone rang again, i typed new messenger to him "I am not, i'll think about it. I have to go" i was signed off from the conversation. Need some times to set with all of it.
"Mom, why you look so quite ?" Jason climbed to my bed and laid beside me "I am Okay honey" I kissed his checks and smiled "You are not. In my school if there was a girl cried it would something bad happened. What is wrong mom ?". Okay, Jason not an adult but he is quite bright for his ages. "I am ... fine" i answered shortly. "You are not, i saw your eyes watered". Wait, Jason just saw me cried. "Really ?" i asked him then he nod. Jason hugs me "Something wrong with me, am i that bad Mom ?" i felt my tears run "No, you are good, don't say that. It is not related with you even dad" i tried to comfort him. Jason still see me with curiosity. "I am okay honey" I smiled and hug him tightly.

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