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Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Letter For God

Dear Kindness God,

have you listen all my prayers ? have you given me any clue that i would deserve to have a luck, some luck and could be just one luck. I'm tired to dosomething as good as i could, sometimes i feel tired to pray. I am not a bad person and i am not a good person also. But have you know, how tired i am in trying, have you know how hard i am to be tough, have you know how strong my belief as your creation. Blood as started, slowly cover with bones and meats, give highest level as human, and know ... i want your prove that you exist. 
I want that badly, but in a minute you make my belief doubt but more over could my belief stronger. I wont hear anymore about patient, i am enough with it. Just one luck, only one, is it hard to share only one luck for me ? meanwhile you can give much luck to another who you chosen then my asking is ... why not me ? 


Ryza Febriasty

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