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Monday, December 27, 2010

A Heart Which Left In You - Part 3

This is The end of the story, see you in another stories. Can't wait to make utterly brilliant.

“I miss you Mom” I called Jason whenever I arrived at the airport, “I miss you also, have you warned what I said ?”, “Sure, behave … and behave” I smiled “That is a good boy. So handed to Dad, I want to talk with him”. From this far, I can hear Jason called John, my husband. “You just arrived ?”, “Yes, just did. Is everything okay there ?, how about Jason ? have he eat ?”, “Honey, everything is fine here, relax. Jason will be fine with me. So do you there, please take care. I miss you, big hug and kiss from me and Jason”. I smiled, felt guilty because I worried too much. “I miss you both also. Big hug and kiss from me”. The rest chat, we talked about Jason uniform and courses. It sounds silly, but I never let them alone too long. “John, I love you”. “I love you too Anne”

I have taxi take me to a hotel which I booked yesterday. This is 4 stars hotel, which located center of town. The style is modern designed. A porter takes my bags to my room, well … for few nights it will be my permanent stay. I lay my body on bed, type a messenger “Mike, I am here”. I put off my blouse and high heels. “Here, where?” I received his reply “i'm here“. I smile while put photo frame of John and Jason on the lower shelf beside the bed. “Really, where are you now, I should come to pick you”. I type again “No, I already in the hotel. See you tomorrow. Want to sleep, jet lag cause the flight. Tired. You guide me Okay. Bye.” I turned off the messenger and once see the frame “I miss you Guys, love you two”.


This is a tropic country, don’t ask about the weather okay, it obviously like a summer all the time. Even the receptionist said that this month was a rainy season. But, I wonder when the rain will come. So, I consider to wear white dress. With sunglasses in my bag, comfort wages sandal, and linen stylist hat. Hey … what is wrong ? I am a tourist right. I wait him in the restaurant. I enjoy the breakfast, the porridge, hot tea, toast with pineapple jam in it. My phone rings twice, “So, where are you ?” it was Mike. “Don’t you recognize me Mike, am I that old ?” I teased him. “Anne, you just 30, the last time I saw you when Jason born, the first time” I laughed. “Me, in white Mike” directly ended the conversation. My heart races everywhere, as like a teenage meet her boyfriend. But absolutely I am not a teenager, I am a woman with one son and one husband off course.

I sip the jasmine tea, the warm of the sun touch my skin softly. “Anne” He just stands in front of me, with dark blue jeans and turquoise shirt. He is so awesome, as like a petal. “Mike, I am glad to see you again” I try to be cool, off course not let him knows how nervous I am. I put off my hat then smile at him. “You are lovely” I don’t have to ask him to sit, he just sit beside me and kind of admiring myself. “I just …” he stopped, “Mean, I … don’t think you will come. So … are you alone ?” asked him. I nod. “Well, I …” he stopped again. “I … well … I’m happy then … I …”, I reached his hand “Don’t say anything Mike, just take me to some places okay”

The first place we come is the national museum. He tells a lot about history, how struggle the heroes and so on. After that, he takes me to the tallest tower in city, see many tiny things by goggle. Finally, he takes me to this garden, the largest garden park as he says. I am truly hypnotized because in this park, I can see deer everywhere. “Oh my God Mike, I am not in pole as like Santa but I can see deer. I have to capture this, for Jason of course” I captured with my camera. “So, how Jason, how old is he now ?” asked him “Seven” I still capture the group deer, I think it must be the family there. “So, your husband ?” asked him again. “He is fine” I put on my camera in my bag and put the hat on. “So, are you happy then ?”. I pause my breath then look at him “What you see ?” I smiled “I think you are happy”. “Okay, it is nice” I crossed my leg then looked him again. “So, what I will tell you is, I can’t come to your wedding day because I just get three days off. Next Monday I have duty trip to another town. Well, it will be boring meeting but I have to be there to assign a contract. I am sorry Mike” I stand and walking around the chair to feel the air “So much sun in here, nice country, right Mike”

He just pause few minutes even almost half an hour, I count it. “Are you mad at me ?” I asked “No, Anne … do you really can’t come for my wed ?” he asked. “What do you mean ? I crossed thousand miles to come, I am sorry I can’t come to your wed, but what can I do ? meanwhile I can’t let Jason alone without me that long. So, tell me … are you mad ?”

I feel so naive to come here. “Anne”, he grabs my hand to sit beside him “I just want to know, do you really come for my wed ?”, “Well, you asked me to come … so I come?” I answered. “Do you miss me ?”. I froze, “What do you think ?” I asked “You not come only for my wedding Anne, but you come also for me, that the answer I really want to hear”

Four days visa, three days in this country, and today it is the first day. I just called again and texted my husband, send him the picture which I captured in the park. The sun aside more friendly in this hour, afternoon, the weather feel warmth. He takes me to a souvenir place, I buy traditional cloth for three of us, even I don’t know when I will wear that.

“Tonight, I will meet her. I want you to come” I shocked “What for” I asked “I want you to meet her, I want she knows you” well, what it is ? “Oh, okay, because I owe you much today, I will come” he looked me deeply. I don’t know what is mean, but I know what his feel. He doesn’t want rotate fast, he just want me here, stay here always.

Back to my room, take bath to come his invitation. I never meet her before but he already told many things, so in my opinion I had known her much. I wear black satin gown with my high heels. I realized, how woman I am today, I answer his call “I will come in 10 minutes, by the way, where you will take me?”. In ten minutes, I meet him in the lobby, as usual he stares me in admiring but lately, I feel so bother in way he looks. “Mike, don’t see me like that. You make me nervous”, “Because you are beautiful” he said “No, don’t say that, take that word to your girl” I nodded.

In thirty minutes, he takes me to a grand ball room where there a girl already waited us. I know her, she must be Savannah. She has beautiful long perfect brown wavy hair. Her skin so light and care much as I see. She smiles at me at first I come, she is so awesome, “You must be Anne, I am savannah” we shake hand. I feel so old around them, “Yes, I am Anne” we start talking, at once I see Mike stares at me and again I feel so bother with it. From this conversation, I can take conclusion that Savannah is an ambitious person quite difference with Mike. She tells me about her study in two majoring subject and so on. I thought she must be an open minded person, outgoing and kind of attractive girl. No wonder Mike already fall to marry this girl. “I hope the wedding day will run well and you as bride frontier I would say, may all the happiness around you both always”, “Thank you Anne. We really need that. Right Hon ?” she smiles to Mike and they start to talk each other that part I really don’t understand. Looking them, I feel so unsafe and uncomfortable. And thanks God, finally it must be end. I can smell her scent from here, well … they look quite match as far I see.


This morning remind me to my second day in this hotel. I got hard night to sleep because the time difference, so I chat with Jason and John until I fall asleep. My phone rang, “Can I enter Anne?” Mike asked “No, I am not bath yet, and … look so awful” I answered “Can I enter Anne ?” he repeated “No, I said. Why don’t you wait at lobby, I will come in half an hour, more and less” I answered. “Anne, I already in front of your room”. I stood shockingly “How dare you know my room, wait a min” . I open the door and let him in. He brings a flower for me, white lily, he still know my favorite. “You should wait at lobby. Wait me okay, I will take shower”

Today, he takes me to playing ground, at once he holds my hands at first I feel shy and in comfort but more over I let him. We are not known in short time. He has been close one since long, I can say that he is my part. Honestly, I don’t know what kind of relationship we had so far. It is more than friendship, more that brother as sister but he has been something for me, he is so special too special. I care him a lot, I like him … and realize or not, I love him.

The last ride we take is pinwheels. From this height I can see many lamps as like beautiful carpet, my camera always in my hands, capture everything for Jason. “Anne, there is something I want to ask you” he said “What ?”, “Have dinner with me tomorrow, before you home” he looked me so serious, “Should we ?” I wont let his eyes out of me, I enjoy the time he looked me, so tender, honest and loving. “We should do this, I ask you for the first and can be the last for us”. I nod, my face redden hold my tears run. I know he will marry soon, but I wont hear any last word from him. “Okay, tomorrow … I’m yours Mike” I looked him, holding my tears “Okay, make it beautiful “


I don’t know why I have to go to saloon to hair do, but I want to be special tonight. I have packed my things properly, and one box which I wrapped with a beautiful ribbon. A gift for the Mike and Savannah. I touch it softly, I know him so well and soon I have to let go him well also. My phone ring “I am in front of your door, don’t yell again. It’s dinner right, so make it perfect then”. I open the door and see him in delight. He is so young, so bright too much kind for me. “So Mike, where we will go tonight” I asked “To your favorite place” he answered.

I have no idea he will take me cross the Island. It only takes 2 hours from the port. The boat takes us to Marina island. “So the dinner is … seafood“ I asked him doubt “No, I know you hate them, we can chose another”. After eat light dinner, we walk aside the beach to reach the rest area on the bridge. “Why you married Anne ?” he asked me “Is it a question ?” I asked “Yes, why ? do you love him ?” he asked. “I do love him Mike” I answered “More than you love me”. I down my face see the sand cover my feet “Do you?”

I still silent “Why you keep your feeling from me. You know, how I want you bad” Mike still walking and leave me behind, “And I know how you need me back, why you lie ?” he asked. “I am not lying, and you know that for sure. What I come here for, to make many memories before you forget all”

He closes to me “You are totally wrong, I never let you go” he said, “I love him, I wont hurt him even you, i am afraid do wrong Mike. I am sorry” I sit on the wood bench, “Can I hug you” I don’t know what to say, I feel so wrong but I really want it. I am tired keep this feeling, I am tired hiding it, I am tired to act normal and fine, I am tired for lying anymore. “You will marry soon Mike, you are not allow keep this, I am married woman and I feel wrong to feel it. You know me right, know me like my soul, you should know anything without words for me Mike, I … “ he just hug me from back, so tight “I waited this quite long, you said you are mine tonight and I said please make this night beautiful for me”

He handed me to stand, hold my hands and take me to his hug, I wont it end but it should end, he kiss my forehead, caress my hair and my face, at once and can be the last he said “I love you Anne, you know for sure”. I am not reply it, I just keep silent. I am afraid do wrong but I am sure he knows what I want to say that I love him more than he thought.

My phone ring and it is from him “Where are you ?” He asked “In the airport” I answered “Why you not let me to be with you right now” he asked. “Because I can’t say bye to you” I answered. I can hear his breath deep and heavy, “I have something for you two, I leave it to receptionist hotel, I’m sorry I can’t come Mike … I’m …”. “Anne” He cut my saying “Is logic if you have two husband” he said, I laughed not because funny because I cover my crying “You tell me. Mike, Happy wedding for you two, and don’t do anything crazy after this okay” I warned him “She is such a Peri on fairy tale, you know that. She is real, perfect and she loves you badly” I wipe my tears. “I’ll come there, wait I’m on my way to airport” Mike shooters me.

“No…” I yelled at him “Stop it Mike, please make it easy for me” I said “You said, you have duty trip on Monday right, you lied, you can’t stand see me with another right, you can’t stand see me love another beside you, am I right ?” I can hear his breath heavily, I think he runs to get me but impossible to get here in that short time. My flight will on boarding few minutes from now. “Yes, all you said was true, I am liar, yes I am.”

“Anne, I just want you” I can hear he is crying, I hold my breath “I’m going Mike” I turned off my phone, show my ticket for boarding.


“Here the box which Ms. Anne leave, please sign here Sir” the receptionist offer a piece of paper and let Mike assign it. “Thank you, Mr. Mike” she gives him a box with beautiful ribbon on it “Thank you”. He brings it and directly opened it in car, it is a honeymoon ticket to Maldives and a card in it. He takes and reads it “For the Brides”. He stares that card, don’t have any word to say. His sight so far, empty and cold. He nods and reads the last sentences in that card “Happy beautiful weeding”.

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