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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

November Rain

I always remember the song which Jon Bon Jovi sung about Nobember Rain. It always being breeze, calm and lightly in raining. The smell of the soil and sometimes smell of the leaf.
Today it more different, I rarely find the breeze in raining. Even I always wait this moment. Everything has change. The condition and situation itself. Deep in my heart I miss everything which passed 1 to 2 years back. When I went home late after work, stuck in crowded and sometimes waited long in quee transjakarta line. I miss that moment. Honestly, I miss being single where I don't need caring 2 big families. Where I don't need to share my time each other. All the time just me and my home.
Being married is beyond my life plan, I just didn't know what make me went through to marry that time. Afterwards I enjoy my life being single and I bet I never sorry if today I still single and live with my lovely familiy.
Right now i'm sitting rite in my room. Where I used to sleep before. I won't leave this moment. I still want to be here, I still want to lie and feel the breeze wind through my wooden glass window. I want stay awake just now.
Dear blog, I never afraid being old. But I always afraid I would loose everything I have at back.

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