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Tuesday, November 20, 2012


We are on line, feeling so quite "What are you really doing rite now ?" i asked, "Reading your letter" he answered. I smile "You like it ?" i asked "So much" he answered, "That much until i tear apart n ready to burn them". I pause, freeze and long silent "You know what i hate ? this reality and i cant longer live in fading whole life". I still silent, cry and hurt. "I don't know how you try to understand". As if i was there, would hug him and make he feels that i am really into him. "Don't forget to burn them OK" i fix the voice and call off the line.
Leave everything behind, realize my self that everything has to change. The eyes tired of tears, the heart weary of memories, and the feeling burning in lost. So many years had been through which to divide what is real and dreaming.  
It should happen long before, before that deep, before that long, before make as like meat and blood.
Stop to dream mean no dream anymore, Until a day it says "I miss you", no smile, no tears, no hope and no wish anymore. "I miss u" again he make it clear his words. Remain how many messages had ignored before and i cant feel anything. "Can you say anything ?", I just stare him, deep and longing. The love never change for him "I am lost" i say in forward.
Empty that's all the feel.  

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  1. wow... such an writing that describe my feeling... i am afraid i will past that moment when someone i loved left me .


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