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Friday, June 14, 2013

When one of a bunch just gone, it's still call 'a family'.

There is no eternal, even love it self may gone coz of many causes.

I have beautiful kid timing, I have everything so do my brothers. When we grow up ... we search where it gone.

How I believe the meaning of marriage, how I understand the meaning of family then how I have to accept of lost.

I am looking a place to go, where no one knows about me. Where I don't need to hide for everything I through.

Broken inside, crush n crack deeper, smiling n bright on cover. Which I have n show for many years. How to keep n move living like this.

I still have to keep going for the rest effort I have. Everyone has dream, but maybe me my self who doesn't have dream. Everyone wants n needs but maybe myself ruin what I want n need.

I am not mistake being born, but I feel regret how can I live til this long. Desperate is really not me but could be depression is not what I want.

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