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Thursday, December 26, 2013

A Dismiss Note

4.23 am here and i just start to sleep after baked X-Mas cookies ordered. X-Mas just passed yesterday but hard to believe cookies ordered still on and on. I am a Moslem but i always like X-Mas. This dawn so nearly morning, i can hear adzan is calling all the Moslem to perform Subuh Prayer. About 30 minutes ago i had performed Tahajud as usual, i always find calmness in heart after all. 

This dawn feel so cold. I can hear the chicken are singing and the birds are tweeting. He, my dream, came in mind, after i found the note on my phone which title "Plan for December". Surely i remembered when i wrote that, when he said had planned to come this December. There were only 3 items on the notes. 1. The Hotel, 2. The Dinner, and 3. The Love. I stared and caressed the tears, slowly sent it to box icon which mean dismiss.

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