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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Let The Magic Work

1.21 AM midnight and still awake. Tidy up the bags on wardrobe. I found a piece of small paper inside my Anya Hindmarch tote bag. I sit on floor touched the picture and stared it. I remembered why i keep this picture on bag. On Oprah Winfrey Show that time it was discussed about granted the wish, dream and hope. "Keep and write on small of paper, let the magic work" It was Oprah said. So i printed my Instagram picture, cut and kept it in my favorite bag. 

I told him, my dream, it was my dream house. "I don't need a big and luxury house. I want a house as like as this. Lighting with warm lamp. Wood, i like a house made in with wood. I like beach, see the sunrise and sunset. Hearing the wave, feel the sands, the wind too". I remain what he said that time "I will make it true". 

Closed my eyes and cried. Caressed the tears which dripped slowly. I am not a dreamer, but since find you, i have so much dreams. Seems like i believe the fairy tale on story book children. I fold the paper and put inside the bag again, let the magic work itself. I whispered slowly "This is my dream house, my dream"

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