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Sunday, December 29, 2013


I Slept earlier tonight, along with Khansa. Hug her back, smelled her hair, and sang the que sera sera song until she fall asleep. I dreamed about him, My Dream. He stared at me and said "I am sorry My Angel" but i didn't say anything, i just stared his eyes and cried. He said again "I am sorry". I kept silent and cried. After all, i wake up. The heart beat so fast. Looked around and found nothing. Felt the tears were dripped on my check. No one could i share what i just dreamed. In here, i am writing this post with all the feelings inside.

The mind is spring free. Looked to mirror, how change i am right now. I fall down and wake up face life must through. The body feels so tired, the arms and the thighs leave with bruise because of Heparyn Injection. I have to keep alive for Khansa, she needs me the most. She is not as like as the others kid. Her allergic and her sensitivity for upper breathing need more concern than my condition rite now. I have to make her tough in early age. When i am no longer beside her, she will be ready. When the body itself  feels enough, mean the time for me will come and i am not afraid. 

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