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Monday, February 10, 2014

Heart Attack

3.00 am tonight. I just finished to make choux vanilla pastry for order. Making kind of this pastry really need patience and concern. The result at the end will be so wordless. I can't wait for  next Tuesday to Thursday, i will take part for baking course again. This time i will take cake baking ; blackforest, brownies, sugar butter method, Swiss roll and layer butter cake. Baking really my escape, kitchen is always be the place. 

My dream called me this morning. Really just woke up and went down stair to take drink. Planned to mail him and the call just came. My fingers trembled to realize how come the connection so real. Heard his voice, knew he was fine, something which make me so relieved and glad. Wondered his face and looked. Realized how i miss him that much. Words can't describe how that much. So I just said it "My dream, I miss you. Miss you that much. Don't know is it rite or not. Just want to say I miss my dream". This person gives me so many heart attack. Everything is just surprised me, i am wordless about him. He is so something.

When i am no longer in this life, please still be good. I believe you will. The sun, the moon and the star.

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