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Friday, February 7, 2014

Best In Me

Look what i just find on my YouTube playlist on Iphone, Best In Me from BLUE. OK, I am being honest here. I am not fans too much to this boyband. I never scream that loud as like as other girls who fond to death to boyband, screaming their names, screaming while their sing and fussy about their bodies and especially their good looking. But i really know ... know so much who like this band. My dream. I got this this official video on YouTube from him, so that's why i keep on my Iphone YouTube playlist.

I am listening now, singing, smiling, and remaining all beautiful memories with him, My dream. You bring out the best in me.

From the moment I met you I just knew you'd be mine. You touched my hand. And I knew that this was gonna be our time. I don't ever want to lose this feeling. I don't want to spend a moment apart. 'Cause you bring out the best in me, like no-one else can do. That's why I'm by your side, (and that's why I love you). Every day that I'm here with you. I know that it feels right. And I've just got to be near you every day and every night. And you know that we belong together. It just had to be you and me

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