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Friday, March 14, 2014

The Box

I walked through to my daughter room, stopped by and have no idea i just opened this box. Touched every parts and things inside. Took the very bottom of the box, the photo of him, my dream. I stared from a far, the tears dripped slowly. Touched the photo gently, tears started run down. I cried aslike a wife lost her husband. Left by die who never can't see, touch and talk.Caressed his eyes which i always adore, the sense of him which make me fall in love at first sight. The missing just come out aslike the erupted mountain. I whispered to him "Missing you ... love you ... as always as you used to know. Be good, don't get sick". Closed the eyes, felt he was surrounding me. Slowly the memories came in mind, his smile, laugh, sensitivity, way love me, hug, kiss, touch, tease, even words which he used to say. 

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