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Saturday, December 27, 2014

"I was in detention they suddenly come and took me to jail n detention I spend 2 weeks in their now I am going back to pk forever n will get marry soon I'm sorry but pls dont email me or dont call dont text me anymore cuz I'm not the only one who using it anymore pls pray for me cuz I'm not in good condition I hav seen death very closely u r the best person n I'm not"

It might be the last mail from my dream. Read it rite after wake up in the morning. I paused aslike a dead person, the tears run down aslike the river. What bad dreamed I had that night was rite.

I just want to say "whatever you do, however you are, wherever you go whoever you will be, whenever time goes by, you always be my dream ... you already spaced this heart. I love you"

With very deeply sorry for the reader who routinely come to this blog, I need time to write and post in un-eventually time.

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