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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

What I found when I took overall jeans in my cupboard. Few hijab sheet folded nicely. I stared them and suddenly remained this. One day I told to him, my dream "you know, when we marry one day I want to wear hijab" I so remembered what he said "I know that" and I surprised "how you know, I never told you" and he said "I just know" then I said "how ?" Again he just said "I just know what you think" then I said "you are so something". I only want one person see me totally, there is my dream. I believe he can make me a better person so that's why I plan wear them.
I put them again in the cupboard, I planned, dreamed, wished and hoping many things with him. No wonder this tears just coming suddenly. Inshaallah, one day I will wear them even my dream already not with me.

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