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Sunday, November 30, 2014

1.04 am and still raining outside. Still can't sleep even these eyes so tired. Just listened the song from The Corrs "One night". The song tells about a girl who gives her heart, love, body and soul even she just has one night for his love one and even she will know in morning her man won't be her side ... she will be alone. Actually it really very old song. One of my favorite. Then my mind just go through to him, my dream. Always pray for good for him. What else he worry about ? he already graduate, reach his dream, and the job ... he will find a good one soon, marry ... ? will held soon with the perfect one off course. He might be happy already and no more much worry.
I just starting to cry. Is better for ending to write in this post. Meet you in another post, good night blog see you later.

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