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Thursday, October 22, 2015

I still here and same person. Passed many months in suffered, but I just come back here. No one knows how I suffer and fight to still alive. No one knows how I through each day in emptiness and tears. I want hating you, my dream. So I can erase all your words, promises and hopes which you make for me. I risk everything to be with you and this what I get. I give you all I have and this what I take. Want to hate you so bad. You just came and go in my dreaming even in sleeping at end I wake up in tears. You wont ruin someon's life but you already ruin my life and breaking me as a shit. Once you come in mind, in minute tears falling down like a stupid. Maybe you are right, I am the best person. And you are not. And stupidly I never change. In fact I never leave you even in second. I deserve to be happy, dont I ? I dont know how to fix this hurt. And I know until end this life I never can to hate you. My dream ... you are not a person who I know so well in years anymore

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