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Thursday, January 14, 2016

I am becoming so pro. I should be an artist. The true i am when i face my self to the mirror. I smile to many poeple even laugh to someone who joke at me. But in fact deep inside i am not. I cry so much even getting too much for last 2 years until today. It happens after my dream leave me. Mirroring myself is reflection for who i am. I so remember, used to hide and cry under my study desk when I hear my parents fight. I hold my legs and pretend to deaf from their voices. So pathetic my life is. When my eyes starting to stare what inside just empty. What I know for myself today, I just empty on my own. I have no place to talk maybe that's why tears becoming the place. I lost the path, way and direction to go. I am breaking and hard to stand.

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