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Monday, November 3, 2008

When Beauty Can’t See by Eyes

“Are you coming this night ?” Oscar asked him for twice. “Like I said, I still don’t know” Gerry answered, “Oh Man, listen. If I were you, I would answer like u did” Oscar laughed. “Stop it Oscar, it doesn’t fun at all. When you grow up ?” Thomas moved his head once. “You asked me when I grow up. Oh come on Thomas, don’t you see I have already grown up. Look … I am the tallest right ?” He laughed again. “Oh, silly answer” Gerry laughed also. “Anyway … if my girl was alike yours, I think I would re-think to ask her tonight” Oscar added. “Why, just because her style an old fashion ? ” Thomas asked them both – Oscar and Gerry. Oscar “Sure … “ He nod and winked his left eye. “Stop talking fool about my girl. Even she is an old fashioned don’t you know she is nice. I had tried to change her, at least to put off her glasses and asked her to wear transparent soft lens. But, you see guys … she stand with her style. I give up then” Gerry smiled. “Listen, if you know how ‘old’ she is, why you still ask her become your girl. Oh come on Gerry, seems you are more silly than Oscar” Thomas moved her head. “I just don’t know. At first I just play around but, more I know her more hard for me to end” Gerry showed pity expression but it just make Oscar laughed too laud.
The Night …
It is special night for the 9 grade, Prom Night. Students come in couple to celebrate last night in school as senior high school students. They are dancing, have fun and leave good memories to remind them before they enter collage step.
Oscar come with his cute girl friend, Thomas come with his sweet girl friend and Gerry … of course he comes with her ‘unique’ girl friend. Everyone who see Nina must agree that she is ‘unique’. She has long hair but always tie up, her pony, her glasses hmmh, is okay for all of that. But, her dress … seems she just has 2 style dress ; long dress up to her knee and shirt with ripple skirt up to her knee. When other girls trend to wear jeans, she still stand with that style. When other girls trend to wear denim, she still stand on.
“I should not come tonight” Nina stared Gerry with sorry expression. “Why you said like that, just look at you this night. You are different on backless gown. Nina you are looking great, you are beautiful” Gerry said sincere. Ya, Nina look very different tonight. Her white backless gown makes her a princess along with her soft skin. “Just hold my hands, and no one can talk even say bad thing with you”. Nina smiles, she just feel an ugly swan pet who is keep by a prince. “Don’t you know Gerry, many girls said that I am lucky because I had boyfriend like you”. “What …, they said so ?. And you know what, many boys said that I am a lucky also. Because I can get you, just because you are rich girl but lonely and desperate”. “What … they said so ?” Nina shocked “Oh that’s really bad”. “If we just listen and listen what people said about us, we never move on. Come on, show with them that you are too precious “ Gerry hold Nina’s hands.
What Nina sees is right, she has shown to other students that she is too precious to neglect. What they see who old fashioned just become a princess. “Gerry, is that Nina ? Where you put her big glasses ?” Oscar surprised “She left that” Gerry smiled. “As I told you Oscar, don’t be silly” Thomas laughed.
Nina gathers with Oscar and Thomas. “Nina still Nina, no one can change her just in one night. She can do that because she has Gerry with her. Don’t you know Gerry just pity to her, that’s why he can’t end their relationship”. There are one girl and two boys behind Nina, they don’t know what they said is recorded on Nina’s ears. “Ya, I think so. Nina still Nina. I think Gerry like her just because she is rich. Who doesn’t want ride Bentley for daily car, does it?” One boy laugh. “I think is not like that, Gerry is not like that. But might be Nina trick Gerry with her money to get Gerry as her mine” The other boy laughed.
Nina’s heart is pounding and beating. It just three person there must be many students think like that. She leaves Oscar and Thomas, slowly she leaves the party and just sit in her car until Gerry comes. “Why you are here ? I am looking for you ?” Gerry looked Nina and at once he saw Nina cried. “I want to go home” Nina said, “Okay, I will take you home”. Along the road, Nina still silent until she says this “Am I a ugly person Gerry ?”. “What kind of question is that ?”, “Just say, yes or no”. “Off course no” Gerry said. “You lie” Nina replied. “How come I lie ?. You are not ugly”. “You lie” Nina replied “I am not Nina, so … what answer you want to hear ?” Gerry asked, “you lie, you said that because you pity on me. What you look for me, my money” Nina cried.
“Ugly, is that words you want to hear ?. But I never look you from your money, if you think like that. Just tell me what happen in that party when I am not with you, just tell me what ?” Gerry’s voice louder. “Nothing, but don’t ever speak louder at me like that” Nina wipe her tears. “Why you want me”. “I don’t know” Gerry answered and continued “I just like you just because you are different, you are simple not alike other girl student”. Nina moves her head, they silent in few minutes “I can’t move on Gerry. Just forget about us “. Gerry stops the car and looks to Nina, maybe she is kidding or some kind like that “Just forget about us. Kidding me right ?”. “I am not” Nina replied. “I am not, I just realize what we had so far is wrong”. “What is wrong, because we date ?”. Gerry sees Nina nods. “ Everything is wrong, Just forget about us. You are too good for me, I am not”
From that day Gerry never see Nina again. What he knows, Nina take study abroad. But Nina never send any for him even say good bye. It had past almost 5 years. Nina not too beautiful but she has warm heart, it is the one what she always remember.
That day, he moved to this city, new school and new home for him and his father. He didn’t know any in that school. Until one girl came and greeted him, she was Nina. She was his first friend. Every student looked her in weird and pity, but Gerry just see her as usual girl. She was a sweet girl when she smiled, behind her glasses he can see clear eyes alike clear sky. She was too simple, usual and old fashioned but in those ways Gerry started to like her. When he came to her house he just know that she is from rich family, but she never showed off about her richness. She still simple and usual. When girls in school picked by car, she preferred to ride a bicycle with him even Gerry knew that her father already prepared personal driver and car for her only. When girls in school wore trendy clothes, she just wear simple shirt and ripple skirt. When girls in school fussy about make up, she just let her face without make up. When girls in school started to wear coloring contact lens, she just let her glasses put on.
Gerry got bachelor scholarship, it made him and her father moved to other city. Her father was a writer. And right now, after 5 years, he just back to this city. In her heart he just want to come to Nina’s house. But what he sees, Nina’s family already moved also. Gerry want to fool himself why he still look Nina even remember her. After Nina, he has relationship to one girl but just ended a year ago.
He walks slowly along the center of the city. He sees this city not different a lot. He smiles, even one small bakery store still open. That place is full of memories. The store’s name is The Raisin, because almost all of the bakery topping must be raisin, Nina always come just to buy Rum Raisin Bakery. Gerry walks toward that store and enters. He smiles and wonders, how come the smell still same alike 5 years ago. In a corner he sees, a young couple talking and smiling. What he sees, just remember how him and Nina were 5 years ago.
“Honey, look finally Nina Krauss already opened in this city” the girl smiled, “Ya, the soft opening will held tomorrow. We will go there tomorrow” the boy hug her girl. Gerry turns his body “I am sorry, I am new here. Nina Krauss, what was that?”. The girl smiles “You don’t know about her. You should tell him honey” the girl asked her boy to explain to Gerry. “Nina Krauss is famous designer for teen alike us. She designed clothes for girl and boy also. And you know what, all her collection is about retro and old fashioned collection. Is cooool …, really. I know you are not teen anymore but many of customer are in same age as yours”. The boy seems like marketing and make Gerry feel pleased “Really…?”. “Ya, not only clothes, but bags and shoes also. Like this … “ the boy pointed his girl shoes. Gerry looks and shocks, what he sees is really make his heart beat faster. Wages shoes, there is only one person want to wear that style, it is Nina.
“Nice shoes. Really” his remind about Nina coming back again. “If you want to see, just come tomorrow. There will be soft opening tomorrow”
“No …, I don’t want wait until tomorrow, I want to meet Nina now”. Gerry leaves the bakery store and comes to the Nina Krauss store that place front of the bakery. His heart is pounding, seems like he wants to enter the store and searches Nina then finds her.
He looks from the outside, there is one girl with long hair over her back. White shirt and flowery ripple skirt. Just one girl in his mind in style like that, it is Nina. She stands between her crew, but Gerry still recognize is her. He just stand outside with smile, wait Nina here. After an hour, some of her crew go outside from the store, few more minute, Nina walks out from the store. Once she sees her first branch store from the outside, “It is too great Nina, really” Gerry shouted. Nina moves her head to see who talk with her in this late “And you are great” Gerry said while his steps are closed to her. “Pardon …, ? with whom I talk “.
“Gerry …, still remember me ?”, Nina closed her face with her hands “What are you doing there ?”, Gerry can see Nina smiled “I just right here, waiting you “. Nina walk closely to Gerry “Oh my God, I never wondered I can see you again”. “So do I” Gerry hug Nina tightly “Where have you been so far, where are you going so far, why you didn’t tell me that you study abroad, why you left me Nina, why?”
“I take fashion design. I just want take that major because I hate the way people look at me that time. I hate the way people talked about my look. So here I am now … “ Nina wipe off her tears of happiness. “I am sorry, I didn’t mean to leave you, I just think I am too ugly for you. I am not pretty enough for you, I am not … “. “Stop it Nina … “ Gerry smiled. “Who say you are not good enough for me, please tell me, what happen that night ?”. “That night … oh … it was silly to tell “ Nina walked away “What silly you mean, tell me … what happen ?”
Nina moved her body “In that prom night I heard many students talked about me, they said you like me cuz my money, and … I just make you like me cuz … my money … then … you wanted end our relation but hard for you to tell cuz you feel pity on me and … “
Gerry hug Nina again, “Why you so silly and stupid to believe all what they said” Nina laughed, “Ya, you are right. I am too silly and stupid. But … I am sorry I didn’t mean to hurt you. That time I just think what they said was right. There must be one girl who is better than me. But not me. Not alike me”
“I really don’t see you from that. Whoever you are, you are human or ET that time, all I know I just like you” Gerry stared to Nina, “I am sorry … really. I just know I am wrong but I am too prestige, too shy to tell that I am wrong. I am sorry”
“I had forgiven you since that night. But please, don’t go anywhere again without my notice. I f you do again, seems you will kill me” Nina laughed when she heard Gerry said so. “Oh Gerry, promise … I wont do that. I wont do same mistake again” Gerry still stared to Nina, “All I do know, I want to show to the world that my style is precious and I want to make world notice that I am too precious to neglect. I copy that words for you” Nina laughed again.
“Please, don’t go again, because I am too miss you. Don’t you know that I like you, and since you gone, don’t you know that you haunted me. I love you. Please believe me”. Nina smiled, “Ya, I know, and I love you too. Even I am not too beautiful, but I know I am precious for you because you had seen me in completely. No matter I look that time, no matter I am right now, but we are here … “.
“Nina, beauty not always see by eyes, but your beauty is seen by my heart” they hug tightly. “by the way, you look more beautiful in your soft lens and let your hair without tie anymore” Gerry teased her, “Gerry … you must kidding me” Nina laughed.

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