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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Dear my love, 

I am missing u.

I lost my words to describe all the feeling. I remember all the sweet 
words and all of those just killing me. I am looking my angel who is my 
called. Trying to still believe when it said can't pass each day 
without me.

Should I still believe all those saying. Should I still believe all 
the feeling. What I am for now, it just break me indeed. 

This love so painful. I feel empty n alone. Really 
can't see you like this.

The tears just drip each night. Remember all which had been through. 
I feel like a house, that big that full of things that so longing and waiting for the owner to come. It can sell, renovate and break them all.

When everything just gone. Thank you for coming. You already the 
color, the spirit, the man, the pulse, the reason, the passion, the 
shoulder, the everything, the soul, the love n the dream.

How should I believe when you said : how the days without you.

Take all the time you need, take everything you need. You had done this 
before and you just did again. 

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