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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Until ?

1.48 am and heavy raining outside. Raining will go on maybe until March. For Chinese people it will bring more fortune, China New Year will come next Friday. Then for myself, raining leave many memories to remember. 

He, my dream no longer physically stay with me. But his trace still around me. He still place in this heart. 1 year ? maybe 2 or 3 years ? how about 5 years ? then how if 7 to 10 years ? until the rest of my ages ?. Who can guarantee i can be life longer than a year ? who can guarantee this body and myself still able to stay strong and stand with all the condition i have rite now ? 

If just only know, how this love. If just i am not his path, hope and wish are no longer mean. If just i create for him, faith will just meet. His eyes which i always remain, with stare his eyes and wordless the tears just drip slowly. Something which i can't say it again, the words that we already know since long. In many dreamed of him since he went away, i kept silent, just stared his eyes and dripped the tears. Let all this written tell what i feel. 

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