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Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Boy Next Door

3.05 am and just finish baking for cookies order. Look what i found on my terrace this morning. A ball. The white one. I was so sure it must be from my neighbor. They have a son of the age 3. His name is Eureka Prischa. Khansa, my daughter, always play with him everyday. Just for ride a bike, play the tool mat, run everywhere and talk something which sometimes i really don't know the meaning. I just said it kid talked from planet language. Every morning i always find a ball on my terrace, Eureka so love much to throw it cross my house. So what Khansa and I do every afternoon are giving back the ball to him. His father just smile and laugh then say to me "Miss, it Eureka way to attract Khansa. The ball just a reason so that Eureka can play and see Khansa everyday". What a kid, i just grin so wide hear that. I have a daughter who only 2 years old, but can attract a 3 years old kid. It is really the bot next door. When just litle kid they will play without shame and shy at all but see later when they grow up, i think they will be shy to still that close. Oh Khansa ... hug ... Bunda Loves You

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